Tuesday, November 14

Florida Holynext

I should have blogged this a long time ago, but I was waiting for the pictures of the event to arrive in Indiana. Why would it take so long in this digital age for pictures to travel from Florida to Indiana? Simple, I left the digital camera in a golf bag that I had borrowed while I was there!
Thanks to Patty David for inviting me to come to Florida, for organizing and promoting Holynext, and for sending lost digital cameras back to Indiana.

Once again, people gathered for a dedicated time of listening to God, surrendering every area of our lives, confessing all, worshiping and praying with completely focused hearts. For those who were there, Holynext was a powerful experience!

Special thanks too to Pastor Mark James and the wonderful group of volunteers at Christ Community Church. Beautiful sanctuary! Side note: Pastor Mark really knows how to serve a guest a huge bowl of ice cream! ;>

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