Tuesday, September 19

Personal Change Survey

They say (whoever 'they' are) that the only one who likes change is a wet baby. Actually, I kind of like change. I enjoy seeing new development spring up around our community. I love trying new coffee. I even enjoy it when, gasp, they introduce new music in church!

I recently went through a personal change survey and I'm going to recommend that you do it as well. After you see the questions and realize that this is going to require some vulnerability on your part, you will likely cringe. At first you will think that you would rather bath a cat or chew on tin foil. I felt the same way. But, after I had sent out the request, I started to look forward to the responses because I realized that the only way I can improve on my blind spots and weaknesses is if I listen to those who know me best and want the best for me.

Here's the deal: Find one person who will 'catch, organize, and deliver' the responses to you. Send an email request to at least 10 people asking them to take about 5 minutes to answer these two questions about you and then email their responses to the person you have chosen. Your person will compile it into one document that they will then email back to you and Voila! you have your personal change survey.

Here are the questions:

What is the single most important change this person could make in themselves to be more effective as a ministry leader?

Leading Change
What is the most important thing this person could do better at when leading change in this ministry?

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