Friday, September 22

An Excellent Resource on Community

I review a lot of materials and every once in awhile I come across something that has an edge over everything else I have been looking at:

"Group's Body-Building Guide to Community" - strengthening relationships in your church, probably $12-15.

From the back cover, "Here are 15 ways to encourage deep, lasting friendships in your church. Friendships that move past discussing the weather. Friendships that become biblical community."

What Group has done is compiled 15 ideas from 15 different churches that are working right now to help those churches achieve community. As I was reading them, I was thinking "this is practical, usable stuff that any church can use right now." These aren't ideas that will take you 12 months to get off the ground. These ideas are doable now, or at least sooner than later.

(Group should be paying me for reviews like this!!) Enjoy.

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