Tuesday, March 7

The final installment from Fellowship's Home Teams

If you have been involved in Small Group Ministry for any length of time, you know what an animal it can be to try to stay on top of the assimilation ( does anyone have a better word? ) of people into group life and community.

To 'combat' this, the Home Team Ministry @ Fellowship has hired a former marine to be their full time Pastor of Small Group Assimilation. OK, must of us just rolled our eyes and said, "I can't afford that". You probably can't. But, you probably can recruit a volunteer to help out in this area. In my previous pastorate in Moncton I had a young retiree ( mid 50's ) who attacked assimilation.

The retired marine's job is to call every person that goes to a small group and get them connected. He get's people's information off of welcome cards they use at each small group or off of their website where small group leaders can go in and post the info of all who were at their group this week.

What are you doing to make sure that people who come to your church or to a small group are getting connected into the fellowship?

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Thanks for the reminder to stay on top of what's important.