Tuesday, February 28

If you could recommend one book on Small Groups

I received this question this past week and thought it would pose an interesting thought for the Blog: if you had to recommend one, and only one book for small group ministry, what would it be?

Well, I couldn't do it! I had to recommend three. My list will change as I continue to read, grow and learn, but these are the three I would recommend right now. Here is a copy of part of my reply to the email question:

I know you want me to recommend that ‘one’ book that will accomplish the most. Let me start this way:

If you are trying to get your leaders to buy in to the shift from being a church with small groups to being a church of small groups: “Creating Community”, Andy Stanley and Bill Willits, Multnomah, North Point Resources.
If you are looking for an over-arching resource that will put practical tools and ideas in their hands: “Small Group Ministry in the 21st Century”, encyclopedia of practical ideas, Group Publishing
If you are looking for something that will explain the nature of small groups and its role in biblical community: “Small Group Leadership as Spiritual Direction”, Heather Webb, Zondervan.



Allen Wright said...

Glad to know I could contribute to your blog thoughts, thanks for the insight. Allen

David Drury said...

You're really up on the small group trends, Gup.

At a lunch on Thursday with small groups pastors from 4 large churches we were creating a similar list and two of your three were in our top 3 discussion as well.