Monday, February 27

More from the C3 Conference...

O.K. Sorry for my brief departure from gupdate. Let's get back to posting more ideas from the Small Group ministry @ Fellowship Church in Grapevine, Texas. If you are just joining the conversation you might want to look at a few earlier postings to get a sense of the "Home Team" ministry.

The small groups test drive. Fellowship believes that joining a small group is a huge step for people. To help folks get a taste of the small group experience without actually signing up for one, they offer "Fusion". Fusion is offered on campus, during the weekend services, with child care provided. Essentially what they are doing is trying to tempt people into signing up for a small group.

Fusion is a 4-week process. They have a 25% drop out rate after weeek one. After week 4 you are given the choice of forming a new group, join an existing group or dropping out all together.

What do you think? Pros and cons? Would this work in your church?

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