Thursday, March 23


FORM is an acronym used to represent 4 different categories of small groups within the local church. The concept is that a church would attempt to be balanced in each of the following 4 areas:
F = Family; linking people by the unique characteristics of their family structure

O = Occupation; linking people around their occupational commonalities

R = Recreation; using recreational habits to link people with similar interests

M = Ministry; linking people either by the ministry they need or by the ministry they are involved in.

What do you think? Is this helpful? Would something like this work in your church? Are you overloaded in any one particular area?

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Anonymous said...

Kind of off subject of this blog but why is there no place on the web or any mention of Wesleyan Men. My Church has a possibility of boom in this area if it had some direction or leadership at the HQ level. Our district leadership lacks and no one seems to care if this ministry succedes or not.