Friday, October 21

Young Adult Ministry

O.K. Dr. Barnes, I can finally say that I have been to the campus of Indiana Wesleyan University! I made my first trek to the beautiful campus in Marion on Wednesday. The purpose of my trip was to meet with a student focus group and a staff focus group on Young Adult Ministry. I was also able to take in a chapel service with a challenging message by the Chapel Dean, Steve Lennox.

If you are wondering what the Wesleyan Church is doing to minister to young adults, you cannot overlook the ministry that is taking place on our campuses. IWU alone will take 44 short term missions trips this year with their students!

Questions we were asking are:
How can we keep more young adults in our local churches. ( If a student attends one of our colleges they are more likely to stay connected to a Wesleyan church after college )
How can we prepare more young adults to lead local young adult ministry in their churches?
What can Head Quarters do to encourage more of our churches to reach out to young adults and provide meaningful ministry opportunities?

Are young adults staying in your church or leaving? Are you attracting any new young adults? Why or why not?

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