Friday, October 21

Senior Adult Ministry

This past Tuesday I hosted a Think Tank for Senior Adult Ministry for the Wesleyan Church. We looked at the origins of "Best Years Fellowship", where it is at today and where it needs to head in the future. The conversation was spirited, thoughtful and full of hope for the future of this vital area of ministry.

One thing that no one could ignore is the vast opportunity that we have in ministering to senior adults. Too often churches are carving their worship and programs around a younger generation with a "take it or leave attitude". Wise churches will find creative ways of reaching younger generations without alienating those who are 50+.

What to expect: Resources and ideas that will encourage every district and every church to have a ministry for senior adults that goes beyond fellowship and reaches out to their community and beyond.

What do you think about Senior ADult Ministry? Does your church have one? What do you think HQ can do for seniors?

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