Friday, October 7

Heaven Week

For the past few years the Wesleyan Church has designated a week in the early fall as "Heaven Week". The concept is pretty simple: encourage every class, group and ministry, including the primary worship services, to give a clear presentation and invitation of the gospel.

We are in "Heaven Week" right now as a denomination. October 2 - 9

Although many of our churches don't take advantage of this promotion, we still have many hundreds of churches that do. Those who do Heaven Week will report of hundreds, maybe thousands of people accepting Christ as their Savior across the US and Canada. Many worshippers and teachers find heaven week the perfect opportunity to invite a friend, co-worker or relative to church. Like any program, it's not perfect. But, it will introduce a lot of people to salvation.

What do you think of Heaven Week? Do you have a better idea? Does your church participate?

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