Tuesday, October 24

The Movement Continues

I know that Keith Drury, David Keith and others have shared their stories on creating a youth ministry movement in the Wesleyan Church, but it still fascinates me. I was reminded again last week of just how strong our denomination is in youth ministry. Scott Simmons, the Dir of Youth, had 200 youth pastors from across the Wesleyan Church in for FUEL - the annual train/network/chill/ event for people who love throwing themselves into the lives of anyone 12-18.

Back in September I had the opportunity to just sit with David Keith and listen to some of the ways God used him and others to create a movement. Powerful stuff. I could listen to people like that all day.

What do you think about 'creating a movement in the Wesleyan Church'? Can it be done in something like Discipleship? Senior Adults? Is it merely a God-thing or are there things that we can do to construct a movement?

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