Friday, October 13

Disciple Groups

Here is the new logo for "Disciple Groups" - a huge component of the Adult Ministry division of the Wesleyan Church. Disciple Groups is an umbrella for Sunday School ministries and Small Groups. The line that we use to describe Disciple Groups is: "Making Disciples of Jesus through Sunday School and Small Groups".

We're not hung up on when your groups meet or what title you use to describe the ministry. the question is, "What are you doing/offering to help people become more like Jesus Christ?"

So, what ARE you doing?


David Drury said...

I like this move. I like the "both/and" it can create.

Here's our attempt to use some sunday school strengths to overshadow our small group weaknesses:

This also answers your question, "What ARE you doing?" I may have linked this for you before--if so, forgive me. But it relates to this post so here goes.

Well, this is what we're trying right now.

Anonymous said...

Hey tim,
My name is also Tim Guptill
writing all the way from new zealand... wow thts weird