Wednesday, August 16

3 Trends Affecting Sunday School

I caught this article this week over at ( Don't tell anyone that I surf Baptist websites!! ) :-0

Here are the three trends cited by the author, Dawn Cornelius:

1. Postmoderns -- Dawn is saying that we need to take a missionary approach to postmoderns if we ever hope to influence them through ministries like Sunday School. We cannot ignore the postmodern mindset or hope that it will go away. Churches that want to make a difference will seek to understand postmoderns and how to engage them spiritually.

2. Technology -- Yeah, we've been saying this for years...and I am constantly amazed at the archaic resources we use in Sunday School. It's as if the rest of the world is flying a jumbo jet and Sunday School is coming down the road on a beat up bicycle. Dawn mentions podcasting as an example of a new technology that can easily be leveraged for the benefit of your Sunday School.

3. Community -- the buzzword of this decade in terms of how people will most likely be discipled. Look at your Sunday School and ask, "Are we creating safe environments of community where people can do life together?" Maybe you aren't sure what we mean by community. Here's a tip: If your classes are still a bunch of chairs aimed at a teacher who prepares 2 hours of material to deliver in 1 probably are not achieving community!

There's the 3. What do you think? What other trends do you see? How have these affected your Sunday School or group ministry?


RobMcD said...

For most people can they put the words postmodern and Sunday School together as compatible ideas?

Skywatcher said...

Wow! What a great blog. Thanks for all the hard work you put into this Tim. As one blogger said, "Don't think for one minute that people aren't reading your blogs just because they don't comment."
You have even inspired me to attempt a blog of my own...

'Til next time... Sky