Thursday, July 27

Summer Reading

If you are going to lead then you have to read. Readers are learners. When you stop reading you stop having anything new to say.

Outside of my required reading for my Masters program, here are a couple of ministry books that I've been into this summer: I finished "Leading from the Second Chair" - a book about being the best 2nd level leader you can be for your organization; now I am into "Simple Church" by Thom Rainer. The subtitle on this one is, "returning to God's process for making disciples".

Reviews: Second chair was a decent read although I found myself skimming and looking for the real meat of the issue a few times. I would say it is a recommended read for anyone who feels like they will always be an assistant to someone or for anyone who struggles with following someone elses vision, etc. Simple Church is actually very good. As usual, Rainer has done gobs of research and has found that churches that do less are more effective for the kingdom than program heavy churches. I recommend it for pretty much everyone. It would be a good book to go through with a church board.

What are you reading?


Rob McD said...

"Breaking the Missional Code" By Ed Stetzer and David Putman
-So so, not a lot of new info

"Communicating for a Change" By Andy Stanley and Lane Jones
-There was some good ideas that Stanley presented as he talked about how he preaches.

"Is God to Blame" By Greg Boyd
- I am just into the firse 3 chapters but so far it is an excellent book

mark o. wilson said...

The best books I've read recently are Transformation by Bob Roberts, and Left Behind in a Megachurch World by Ruth Tucker.

David Dignal said...

This past year I read a great book by Dr. Bob Whitesel, entitled "Staying Power." The book deals with the subject of why people leave the church. But he goes far beyond just looking at the reasons why people leave. The subtitle for his book is "Why people leave the church over change and what you can do about it!) He gives practical help for leaders in the areas of how to introduce new ideas in ways that don't alienate our people, how to make change more appealing, and how to deal with resistance in a Christ-like manner. The book is written in an easy-to-follow flow. I recommend it whole-heartedly to leaders who find themselves in tough spots.

Ralph L said...

It was great to see you again in the Atlantic region a few weeks ago. We are still missing you and your dear family in Moncton.

Anonymous said...

Just received Simple Church in the mail the other day. So far (in my reading), it's probably one few books that applies to most church situations. As a pastor, it's made me really look at what we're doing and the big "why" we are doing it. Thanks for recommeding it.

James Spaugh, NC

David Drury said...

I'm reading "Leading from the Second Chair" with my Executive pastor each month right now.

It's starting some good development discussions as I pick his brain about it . I agree with you, however, that it's not a "great read"... but more just "good info."