Monday, July 24

Summer Ministry

The dog days of summer! Unfortunately we let a lot of our ministries go to the dogs during the summer! I agree that it's good to give people a rest and that most events ( other than grilling and pool parties ) don't get great attendance in the summer. There are some churches though that try to make the most of the summer months and offer some creative connecting opportunities for people. Rich Avery, ( one of my adult ministry cabinet members ) from the Kentwood Community Church, gave his small group leaders the opportunity of a "Neighborhood Block Party in a Bag". Leaders picked up their 'bag of goodies' at the church, registered their neighborhood and then hosted the party at their house. This is a great example of helping your congregation use the summer to build relationships with the pre-churched.

How about where you are? Are you doing anything interesting this summer that we could share with others? Hit the comment button and let me know.

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