Monday, June 19

Stayin' Alive

Phew! Yes, I am still alive and yes, I'm still blogging. Where have I been? Let's see...Ottawa, Fredericton, the cottage at Beulah ( leaky roof :-( ) Saint John, Moncton, back to Indianapolis...

We loaded down our wagon -- Gayla swore that she would never own a wagon after all of her years as a child and teen being carted around in her father's station wagons -- with two large luggage bags on the roof, and just enough room in the back seat for our kids eyes to peek out once in awhile -- we drove from Indy to Ottawa 14 hours and then from Ottawa to the cottage 12 hours! The only thing that saves us is that our kids travel extremely well.

We were the car that you stare at on the interstate and think, "I'm glad I'm not those people..."

So if you haven't given up on this blog and you are checking in once in awhile, drop me a comment. Love to hear from ya.

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