Wednesday, April 5

What's Next for Holynext?

The very first Holynext Retreat is officially in the books. If you haven't heard, around 80 people gathered in Fishers, IN on March 24 and 25 for this personal spiritual formation retreat. In the words of one attendee, "HolyNext… Not a conference, not a workshop. A “holy ground” experience…"

The victories, the testimonies and the very real presence of God convinces us that there is a hunger and a need for a set-apart experience where we can come clean with God and be transformed into His likeness. Now our task is to lead people across our denomination into the same experience that we have encountered. The vision for this retreat is that it would be happening many times a year all over our denomination in a variety of venues.

In the near future we will have a free download on the Spiritual Formation website that will include the Holynext 'recipe', all of the scriptures and set up materials, recommendations for worship, etc. Basically every component that we used here will be available as a download. It will also include a promo video from footage taken at the first Holynext. We need many who attended the launch event to host a Holynext Retreat in their regions. If you would like to know more about this retreat and how to make one happen for your church or district, PLEASE EMAIL ME @

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