Tuesday, April 4

it gives us a chance to get acquainted and let them know we enjoy life ... then we shoot them:)

How's that for a catchy title for a blog posting?! Did it get your interest? OK, let me explain. It's from an email I reeived from a church planting pastor in Florida. The church bought 6 acres of land and they worship in a garage that sits on that property. They also have found that many people in the area enjoy playing paint ball ( you're catching on ). So, after they worship together and show people how much they enjoy life...they use their property to play some paint ball.

Now I know that many of you have wished that you could shoot a few people from time to time but let me ask you this: what innovations are you using to reach people? What do your locals enjoy doing that you could incorporate into your programming as an easy way for others to invite friends? Do you have any creative small groups like this that you can recommend to the rest of us? I'd love to hear about them.


David Drury said...

I heard amazing things about the HolyNext retreat, Tim. GREAT stuff I hear.

We did a weekend of prayer and a "station style" prayer labyrinth during our 40 Days that I'd love to compare notes on with your HolyNext.

We're hoping to do some spritual formation-style retreats next year as a whole church too and so I hope we can connect (maybe we should just do a "HolyNext" here???)

E-mail me when you get the chance to dialogue:


Skywatcher said...

Not sure if this falls under the creative small group title exactly but it is moving us in that direction. What comes to mind when you see these 3 letters www? (Actually 1 letter 3 times) Did you think of wrestling or perhaps surfing internet style? One night a week it stands for Women Who Walk... self explanitory yet double meaning. We literally walk for an hour and then share our Christian walk experience. Women Who Wok (cooking/menu ideas), Women Who Work, Women Who Weep (grief group), Women Who Worry, Women Who Wonder (seekers group), Women Who Wait (premarriage), Women Who Weigh (move over Weight Watchers) etcetera. Got the idea? It is so easy to invite neighbours and friends to come along and it meets so many needs. We meet together for the activity, share hearts and lives, pray for God's intervention.