Tuesday, January 10

Welcome to 2006

Yeah, I know, I'm a little late! Since I haven't logged a blog since before Christmas...Happy New Year and very best wishes for an outstanding 2006.

We just arrived home on Sunday from a huge round trip from Indianapolis to Boston to New Brunswick to Ottawa and then back to Indianapolis. We think we logged around 60 hours in the rental Chevy Uplander. Our two daughter's necks are permanently fixed in the angle directed towards the ceiling mounted dvd player!

Over the holidays I received a reply to one of my postings inquiring about holynext and specifically on the words "ancient practices". The question was from 'anonymous' and they didn't give me an email address to reply to. By "ancient practices" I am referring to spiritual disciplines that have existed for centuries. In our denomination ( or at least in the churches I am familiar with ) we have not given a lot of teaching to spiritual-biblical practices of worship that draw us closer to Christ. During holynext we will equip you with a practical knowledge of some of these disciplines and real-world suggestions for incorporating them into your journey. Keith Drury will help us with some of this - I recommend his book "With Unveiled Faces".

You can always contact me at guptillt@wesleyan.org For more on holynext visit www.holynext.com

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