Tuesday, January 31

Fellowship Church C3 Conference

Last week the three Directors from the Spiritual Formation Department ( Scott Simmons- Youth, Colleen Derr - Children and myself ) attended the annual C3 Conference at Fellowship Church in Grapevine, Texas. www.fellowshipchurch.com www.creativepastors.com We each took a days worth of pre-conference intensives relative to our areas of ministry. The rest of the conference was general sessions with Sr. Pastor Ed Young, Bill Hybels, Erwin McManus and TD Jakes. Not a bad line up!

You know how you feel when you have been to a really great conference? ( Maybe you've never been to a decent conference! ) It's kind of like going home after youth camp and wondering when the spiritual high is going to wear off. Well I gotta say that this conference was incredible and the general sessions were some of, if not, the best stuff I have heard on leading churches and their ministries.

For the next few posts, I'm going to download some of the best stuff from the conference. Right away, let me recommend that you get the conference general sessions on cd and listen to them. -Tim

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